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    September 27, 2012
    4:00 - 4:41am PDT  

officials return to work tonight, after their union and the league reached a tentative agreement to end the lockout that began in june. >> the replacement officials will be replaced. >> reporter: the officials union still needs to approve the eight-year deal. but the nfl commissioner lifted the lockout so the regular refs can call tonight's browns/ravens games in baltimore. in a statement, roger goodell said, we look forward to having the finest officials in sports back on the field. and i want to give a special thanks to nfl fans for their passion. now, it's time to put the focus on the teams and players where it belongs. this end to monday night's packers/seahawks game. two replacement refs make different calls. >> this is comical to me, really. >> reporter: ultimately ruling what looked like an interception a touchdown. the call infuriated announcers, players and fans. >> bring the guys back now. >> beyond you and i in the sports world and football people, this went to the "today"
show, "good morning america," it was national conversation. >> reporter: monday's finish and other embarrassing calls by replacement refs brought a new sense of urgency to strike a deal. c.j. spiller of the buffalo bills tweeted, welcome back, refs. glad y'all got a deal done. but thanks to replacement refs for doing their best. the refs will see a boost in salary over the next several seasons. and the nfl will get to set up a bench of replacement refs it can use to step in for the underperforming officials. paula and rob? >> almost forgot me, tahman. i saw that. >> he could never forget you. do we expect to see regular refs back on sunday? but how long until the deal is ratified? >> the union is going to meet in dallas on saturday, where they're expected to vote. they will need a majority vote. the nfl owners won't have to vote because the commissioner can act for them.
that's why we're going to see the real refs back tonight, paula and rob. >> thank you for the emphasis, tahman. >> you want to add anything to tahman? >> i appreciate that report. tahman bradley, thanks. enjoy watching your bears this week. i think one of the players tweeted out something. and it became the most retweeted tweet ever in the history of twitter. that shows the reaction this is getting amongst football fans across the country. >> had profanity, as well. they get $149,000 a year in 2011. by 2013, it will be bumped up to $173,000. up to $205,000 a year. >> not a bad salary. picked the wrong career. we'll have much more on the breaking story coming up later on "good morning america." to politics, now, where president obama and mitt romney have dueling campaign
appearances today in virginia. yesterday, the candidates were both in ohio, where the latest polls show an uphill battle for romney. abc's david muir asked the candidate some tough questions about his chances. >> we'll win ohio again. we'll finish what we started again. >> we're going to win ohio. thank you so much. let's take back america. >> reporter: call it the buckeye brawl with the president and mitt romney here. perhaps the biggest punch was that new poll. romney trailing president obama by ten points in ohio. down by nine points in florida. we asked the governor about those numbers. i'm curious what you would say to your supporters, your donors, who might be concerned that this might be slipping away? >> i'm pleased with some polls. less with other polls. polls go up. polls go down. >> reporter: there's some that believe these polls are a reflection of that videotape last week. you were talking to donors, talking about the 47%. >> and so, my job, is not to worry about those people. i'll never convince them. >> reporter: i'm curious who you
were exactly talking about there. >> as you look at the national polls, i'm tied about the national polls. >> reporter: how about the people you couldn't convince to take greater responsibility. those are heavy words. >> i'm talking about a political process. i'm not going to get 100%. i hope to get 50%-plus. and make sure i become the next president. >> reporter: in the wake of that video, romney up with a new ad. straight to camera. >> president obama and i both care about poor and middle-class families. the difference is, my policies will make things better for them. >> reporter: but the president continuing to take aim. >> i don't believe we can get very far with leaders who write off half the nation as a bunch of victims who never take responsibility for their own lives. i don't see a lot of victims. i see hard-working ohioans. that's what i see. >> reporter: david muir, abc news, toledo, ohio. >> 40 days to go now. we turn to the latest provocative words from iranian
president ahmadinejad. speaking before the u.n., he accused the u.s. and europe of entrusting themselves to the devil. he referred to israelis as, quote, uncivilized. but ahmadinejad made no mention of his country's nuclear program. the u.s. and israel boycotted his speech as they traditionally do. and chilling images out of syria from yesterday's back-to-back attacks in damascus. state tv shows the moment one of the suicide bombs went off, exploding in a white van. you see it there. the government says four military guards were killed in those blasts. but rebels say dozens, in fact, died. in all more than 340 people were killed across the country, making it the deadliest day since that conflict began. back here at home. police in suburban detroit are looking into a new claim about the location of jimmy hoffa's body. they will take soil samples from the ground beneath a driveway after a man told them he believes he witnessed hoffa's
burial 35 years ago. there's been a number of searches for hoffa since the teamster leader disappeared in 1975. time for a look at weather across the country. a chance of showers in the northeast. also, showers and thunderstorms from pittsburgh to cleveland, louisville, wichita and oklahoma city. stormy from the texas panhandle to then, with fuel running throw, she told the 190 passengers onboard to brace for impact. >> they told us the front gear was -- had a problem. so, we would have an emergency landing. >> a lot of things go through your mind. that might be the last time you're going to fly. you know? or have a chance to see anybody. but it worked out fine. >> amazingly, just 50 feet above the runway, those front wheels turned forward again. and the plane touched down without incident, prompting a huge round of applause as you can imagine, from those jittery passengers inside. a desperate search continues
today for two missing tennessee children, initially believed to have died in a fire near nashville. investigators say no remains of 9-year-old chloe and her 9-year-old brother were found in that form house where they lived with their grandparents. but the grandparents' bodies were recovered. the children were last seen sunday evening, hours before the fire gutted the home. and the university of california has agreed to pay a $1 million settlement, stemming from a controversial pepper-spraying incident. campus police sparking outrage across the country, when they were videotaped last november, pepper-spraying peaceful occupy protesters app u.c. davis. the students sprayed will get $30,000 each, plus a written apology. a judge still has to approve the deal. high school students in kansas are leading a protest over the new federal lunch guidelines that are supposed to reduce obesity. kids may a video that's gone viral.
in it, they campaign that the food available in the cafeteria is not enough to fill them up. and school officials nationwide say they see a lot of fruits and vegetables being thrown away. the usda says it's working in some schools. the army has ordered a standdown day to focus on suicide prevention training. the army recorded 116 suicides among active-duty soldiers. and fans are remembering entertaining andy williams this morning. the "moon river" singer died at his home in missouri. among those paying tributes, donny osmond. osmond sang "moon river" during his show in las vegas last night. >> talk about one of the great voices. back when people could sing.
what a voice. time, now, for some action from the big leagues. highlights, now, from espn news. >> randy scott here with your "sportscenter" update. the best pennant race in baseball is in the american league central. it's the tigers and white sox. they came into wednesday tied atop of the division. tigers, looking to take care of business. against the royals. serving one up to jeff fron cowh francoeur. abeale la, off of jeremy guthrie, who has been better coming to the royals from the rockies. but returning to old form there. tigers cut it to 4-3. austin jackson, mr. jackson, if you're nasty. that's gone. his 16th of the season. aerowe're tied at 4-4. bottom five, your triple crown candidate leads the american league in rbis and balting average. alex gordon is ruining the
party. bottom eighth. runners at the corners for jhonny peralta. and it's not the sexiest highlight. but it is productive because andy dirks breaking up the double-play, allowing the run to score. who says baseball is not a full-contact sport? that allows the winning run to score. tigers win. the white sox need to take care of the indians to keep pace. that's the indians go up 5-1. bottom nine, last chance for the chi sox. kevin youkilis, grounding into the 1-6-3, fantastic defense for the tribe. remember, thursday night football tonight on espn. stanford and washington at 9:00 eastern. coming up next, "the pulse," this morning. and the invention that has all the women around here talking. >> oh, yeah.
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quilted northern ultra plush®. for a comfortable, confident clean, or your money back. welcome back, everybody. time to check "the pulse," the stories you'll be talking about today, starting with a new invention for women looking to make strides with a little more ease. >> hallelujah. the new convertible heels. when your aching feet can't take another moment, just switch them out for shorter ones. not the whole shoe. just the heels will change from low to high heels when you go from work to play. the shoes are called date-a-night. and they come in five different heights. she doesn't come with it. >> oh. the convertible heel will sell
for about $300 a pair. but half price if you preorder. >> i think i need to try some of them out. what has four wheels and fleas? take a look. dogs competing in stroller races in a california backyard. other dogs are the passengers. >> that's not all they can do. no, no. the talented athletes race each other on scooters and in little kiddie cars, as well. and everyone seems to be upping the ante when it comes to photo bombing. >> those unexpected bloopers in the background. the photo session spoilers are coming into focus. >> oh, no. >> the woman in the bikini with the dog doing his business back there. that's been making the rounds. >> he should be pushing the strollers like the other dogs. >> and the topless wedding watcher, turning the i dos into please don't. >> what a moment.
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ask your rheumatologist about humira, to help relieve pain and stop further joint damage before they stop you. next, popular middle schoolteacher accused of lewd acts with a stew . >> police presence in the financial district. -- you might want to find another way to go to work. tracking fog possible delays at sfo and warming looks to be more tso, s ohio. scattered showers in the northeast and florida. finally from us this
morning, writer j.k. rowling set the world of children's books on fire with harry potter and his magical world. her new book is much more down to earth. >> "casual vacancy" is the name. and it goes on sale today. and "nightline's" cynthia mcfadden got an early look. >> reporter: books. movies. >> you're a wizard, harry. >> i'm a what? >> reporter: merchandise. a theme park. the harry potter universe, j.k. rowling's creation, has spell bound millions. now, rowling has left her wizarding world behind for an adult novel called "the casual vacancy." you've gone from the ultimate fantasy to the ultimate reality. >> i've gone from dragons and unicorns and all the fun that's involved in writing that, to a book that intensely personal. that expresses a lot of my
reality. >> reporter: rowling insists the book is not a memoir. but she did draw on the darker times of her life to craft her characters. >> we have an adult character in the book who has obsessive compulsive disorder. these are things i know from the inside. yeah. >> reporter: the ocd part of it, as well? >> when i was in my teens i had issues with ocd. >> reporter: how did it manifest? >> compulsions. checking things. very common. double-checking. triple-checking. >> reporter: some might wonder why rowling, an almost billionaire, would bother writing another book, putting her reputation on the line. how will you decide this book is a success? >> it won't sell as many as harry potter because lightning doesn't strike twice. >> reporter: instead of chasing harry, rowling has written a book she felt she had to write, asking us to confront the darkest side of our humanity and grapple with it. cynthia mcfadden, abc news,
edinbo edinboro. that's what's making news in america this morning. >> have a terrific thursday, everybody. thanks for watching.